Shirley Stallings Colored Pencil Artwork



Jojo Photo and Drawing

Pet portraits are done from your photos, either film or digital. Images need to be sharp with good lighting and color to create the best portraits. This is especially true of the eyes and nose. I will ask you for several photos of your pet in addition to the specific one that will be the subject of the portrait. This gives me a better idea of your pet’s appearance, personality, and coloring.


I specialize in detailed close-ups of animals with a focus on the eyes, a style that is uniquely possible with colored pencil. However, we will discuss your ideas for what will best capture your pet’s personality.


Price of a custom portrait is approximately $4 per square inch of framed size. For each additional subject in a composition, add 50% to price. Backgrounds are additional, with price depending on complexity. I tend to adjust relative dimensions to best present the image, but if it is important to you that the portrait fit a standard frame size, let me know. Be aware as you think about size and composition, that the smaller the head the less ability there is to capture detailed expression.


Colored pencil is a slow medium. I will let you know approximate time frame for completion of your portrait, but know that this could be several months depending on my other commitments. I request half of the price prior to starting your portrait with the remainder due upon your approval of an emailed photo of the completed image. Price includes matting and shipping within the US.



* Twenty percent of the commission for all pug portraits will be donated to a pug rescue organization of your choice!